Why you should join MOCA?

  • Create opportunities for Members and Associates to meet and network.
  • Build clear identity and reputation for the contracting sector.
  • Promote and publicise outstanding achievement in the fields of safety, training and innovation.
  • Bring together a wide range of industry experts from our members to tackle common opportunities or issues.
  • Provide a platform for development of industry-wide initiatives.Ensure that good practice is both transmitted and monitored across the sector.
  • Provide information and expert advice on current industry conditions.Support the sector’s growth, influence, diversity and capacity to innovate.
  • Participate in framing responses to policies and proposed regulations affecting the offshore sector, giving members a real opportunity to influence stakeholder policies.
  • Undertake advocacy on behalf of members in dealings with Operators, Government and other Industry Bodies.
  • Work with other interest groups.
Business of MOCA Members
Detail Design Upstream related Works and Services for Malaysian field development
Fabrication Large Asset-based entities
Transportation & Installation Common Trades & Skilled Workforce requirements
Hook-Up & Commissioning Interrelated and (at times) overlapping work scopes
Offshore Retrofit & Maintenance Common Customers for 1st Tier Contractors
Abandonment & Decommissioning Common Quality & HSE Standards & Requirements
May involve the utilisation of marine support vessels


Benefits of being a MOCA Member



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